J. Speetjens

Artist Statement

The contemporary world is an exciting time to be designing and creating furniture. Global access to a wide variety of ideas, tools, processes and materials far exceeds those available to artisans of any previous age. Concurrently our world is faced with demanding social, environmental and economic challenges. The confluence of these two streams provides both the energy and resources for meaningful innovation.

Raised in New England I was exposed to historical colonial homes and a tradition of fine woodworking. As a student of the martial way of Aikido I have become exposed and drawn to ideas, aesthetics and the craft traditions of Japan and East Asia. From these seemingly divergent foundations I strive to create furniture that speaks to the moment with the hope for it to be sustained into the future.

My craft values can be summed by a quote from Faulkner’s The Wild Palms “something you can touch, pickup, something with weight in your hand that you can look at the behind side of, that displaces air and displaces water and when you drop it, it’s the foot that breaks and not the shape.”